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Experts in Virtual Reality.

We specialised in virtual reality with the aim of democratising its use for the benefit of both vendors and consumers. We continuously invest in R&D so that we can regularly offer our customers new technical and functional possibilities and open up new markets.

We use virtual reality to provide a realistic view of spaces or objects. What can be seen in the helmet is similar to the real view. The user can even hold and control an object.

The power of virtual reality.

The experience

Whenever our products are used, the sensation of immersion is immediate and the experience gripping. Reality immediately gives way to the proposed universe : users want to touch what is not physically present.

Direct view

With our applications, designers and customers can quickly assess the quality of a project. Users can also view products that are not available on site.

Create additional sales

We offer innovative, fun and efficient solutions. Decisions can be made quickly while clients can actualy visualise their project, saving a considerable amount of time. Companies using virtual reality with JHH Applications are leading in terms of innovation and customer relations, two effective ways to generate income.

The support of an expert

Our technical expertise allows us to work with CAD software to render your projects in virtual reality. Our human-scale company is flexible and responsive. We have a very reliable after-sales service.

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